Simply Magic

After spending over three years in ‘stealth mode’, the time had come for Moveworks to tell its story.

Still, Moveworks faced a challenge: overcome AI skepticism, carve out a differentiated position in a crowded space, and help future customers, press, and investors understand the complex technology behind their elegant and powerful product.

The brand needed to showcase how its advanced cloud-based AI platform is transforming the future of enterprise IT. The first step was helping Moveworks laser-focus their positioning and key value proposition by defining who they wanted to reach—forward-looking CIOs, what Moveworks will help them do—deliver unparalleled IT support where IT issues resolve themselves, and why they should believe in Moveworks—magically transform your enterprise and become a CIO superstar!

The positioning came to life through a complete brand redesign, updated messaging, the launch of a new website, and an exclusive, invite-only launch event.