I'm a digital soul
building digital worlds.

Jonathan Haggard
San Francisco / Bay Area
Digital Design Director


I lead teams by working along side them. We make the road by walking together. I never want to step away from the craft of actually making things. This is how I inspire the designers around me and how I stay connected to the work itself. I believe work should be fun, so I keep it that way.

15 years experience

I've worked with agencies like AKQA, Huge, Hub Strategy, MetaDesign.

I currently lead the digital department that I have built from the ground up at EmotiveBrand.

Over the last 15 years I've worked directly with IBM, Nike, New York Philharmonic, AIGA, ABB, Blue Shield, Hub Strategy, The Oakland A’s, Linkedin, Zinch, Good Technology, Autodesk, Lunar, Joyable, Livefyre, Twitter, Raizlabs, PlusPlus, Oakland Unified School District, Hewlett Packard, Texture, Berlin&Beyond, Olympus, Adult Swim, Undrip, Urban Strategy, & Six Flags.

IBM Watson





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