Finally, A Bank For People

Hybrid is a unicorn. A bank for the unbanked, underbanked of the world. It is built by real people, for real people. The brand I designed reflects their expertise in high-risk banking compliance. A powerful yet understanding and fun brand. Hybrid's brand is a radical change for the finance category.

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Finally, A Bank For People

Original Syndicate

A Brand From The Year 3030


The Do-It-All Travel Solution

Own Your Category

Are you a category leader? I can make your billion dollar company actually look like a billion dollars.

When you work with Haggard you get access to a seasoned skillset including brand design, motion graphics, bespoke digital, product design, and more.

I pride myself on creating an open and creative environment to help you grow the value of your business.

- Expertise without the ego.

- Fully actionable creative work.

- An ongoing relationship to maintain your brand in the future.

- The capabilities of a full agency at 1/4 the price.

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Curiosity Is My Superpower

I'm all about diving in, taking apart, putting back together, and constantly learning.

In my practice, I encourage my team to discover the unexpected strategic connection, think outside their discipline, and pull the best thinking from the world around them.



Rebranding The Metaverse

Right Capital

Making Financial Planning A Breeze


Helping People Change Their Minds


Everyone Is Creative

Happy Clients Are My Specialty

"We needed a rebrand to set us apart in the Virtual Production space—a fast-growing and creative industry. Haggard recognized what makes us unique and worked with our internal marketing team to establish our brand identity. Our collaboration with Haggard was seamless—he clearly understood our needs and spent a great amount of time listening, learning, and guiding. The process was fun and inspiring, and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I keep recommending Haggard to any company that needs to build their brand or needs a rebrand. I hope to work with Haggard again in the near future!"

—Ellie Strube, Marketing Director, Original Syndicate


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